Regular use of Heros Foot Cream will help keep your feet healthy and fit.

  • It assists in preventing and relieving the painful burning feeling that comes from spending long hours on your feet;
  • It acts as an effective deodorant; keeps feet smelling fresh and clean;
  • It helps to soothe skin irritations and to keep skin healthy (particularly between the toes);
  • Regular use helps to prevent chilblains and to relieve discomfort, itching and pain of chilblains; helps to heal cracked skin;
  • It helps to stop excessive perspiration and keeps socks and stockings fresh and pleasant to wear;
  • The regular use of Heros Foot Cream will facilitate foot fitness; ideal for keeping feet smooth after using Heros Chiropody Sponge.

For information how to order Heros Foot Cream outside The Netherlands, call us by telephone on working days between 09.00 and 16.00 CET. Our telephone number can be found at our Contact page.